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How Successful Barbershops Get Booked Solid

It’s the one question on every barber’s mind, “how successful shops get booked solid.” Rather than researching different strategies online, we decided to go right to the source. Find out how 8 successful barber shops have carved out a spot for themselves in the community.

5 Reasons “No” Is the Most Important Word You’ll Learn

Learning how to say to say “no” is one of the most critical skills you’ll develop in your adult life. Without it, you risk overcommitting your time, living in chaos, and always feeling under pressure. Here are the 5 reasons “no” is the most important word you’ll ever learn.

Why Connecting In Real Life Is So Important

If like many small businesses, you’ve been neglecting the opportunity to take your online connections into the real world, the time has arrived. We’re going to explore three ways you can connect with your clients in real life to help drive traffic to your shop.

13 Apps To Take The Stress Out Of Business

Stress. It’s an unavoidable part of our lives today even when you love the business you’ve created. Managing that pressure is a skill each of us needs to develop to minimize the effects to our productivity, our goals and ultimately our health. That’s why we put the work in and found the 13 apps to take the stress out of business for you.

Why Is “Busy” A Badge Of Honor?

When did “busy” become our new badge of honor? A word we hold up as a symbol of pride rather than a problem that needs to be solved. Instead of hiding behind “busy” we must learn how to prioritize what matters most to us. Let’s discover the 9 ways you can combat using “busy” as an excuse and redefine success on your terms.

February Appointment Scheduling Updates

To help your business save time and better communicate with your clients, we’ve launched a bunch of new updates to the software! Smoother scrolling, better client search, and a whole bunch of improvements to the text message reminders.